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  Accounting consultant
Accounting consultant

Our firm is dedicated to advice our customers about the best way to administrate their accounancy, keeping clear that this is the main basis of each company. There is not aconomical control or management without having the information given by the accountancy.

The customer will have a periodic visit of the Acoount Technician so that the information refrected in the financial status can represent the real image of the society.

Ade Asesoresm due to their independence, quality an rigor will give an opinion of the financial status of the company, as well as giving special values to the service identifying clear oportunities for our customers an minimizing posible risk.

  • Principles and rules for the General accountancy plan.
  • Internatioanl rules of financial information.
  • Society groups.
  • Mergers, Acquisition, and Reorganization programs.
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